Saturday, 2 June 2007

To Google - A Verb Meaning "To Search"

Users will need to upgrade their browsers to see this (instructions below), but a new website, "www," has been launched on the Internet. Providing a list of search engines, this site is neither part of, nor does it belong to Google Inc.

It seems that more and more people are defining the term “to google” as a verb, meaning to look for something, rather than just the popular search engine. This change has led to some interesting exchanges in the war of words and dictionaries and more recently, with the launch of "www".

Simply put, "www" is a website that lists Search Engines (under a number of headings and in no particular order). Visitors to this website may not be inspired by its size, but nevertheless "www" is making waves.

This site, and other groundbreaking websites like it have suddenly appeared all over the web. They are made possible by the release of brand new domain names, now available though dotWORLDS registrars (, and bring Internet users greater flexibility than ever before. For example if you want to be seen as more successful, you could try registering "www". Want to be more attractive? Try securing "www .good.looking". Looking to become more famous? Then perhaps "www" is still available. But enough of the hypothetical: today. If you want a list of search engines, you can already visit "www". (Viewing instructions shown at the bottom of this press release).

So, have there been complaints about "www"? Say dotWORLDS, “At this time nobody has contacted us with any issues - and that includes Google Inc themselves. In fact, we are currently in touch with Google Inc on a different matter requesting further removals of anonymous content from Google Inc's website. Therefore we think if there was a problem they would have already told us. Despite our estimations that Google Inc has now withdrawn over 1500 of the links we complained about, in the separate matter of this new website, they have not approached us at all."

About "www." and how to visit it: To see websites like "www", simply upgrade your browser totally free of charge by visiting and clicking the orange "Upgrade Your Browser" link at the top right hand side of the page and then follow the on-screen instructions.

About dotWORLDS: dotWORLDS (, a company focused on providing fully customizable Internet domain names, e-mail addresses and hosting free through its global infrastructure and provides a free browser upgrade that allows viewing of customized domain names.

Say dotWORLDS , "This is a very exciting development. We offer choice in what was an increasingly restricted market. Now, people have the ability to use domain names for what they were intended: a memorable, relevant and fun way for people to find websites and content on the Internet. We have already seen communities springing up around some of the free domains that we offer, such as ".music", and with the freedom to invent Internet addresses they really want, people are turning to these dotWORLDS to express themselves."

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